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Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

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15 Minutes

Tour Type

Daily Tour

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A banana boat ride in Dubai is sure to give chills and fun that all members of a family will enjoy.

Starting Time: 10:00 am

Duration: 15 Minutes

Minimum 4 people required

Tour Highlight

Banana Boat Ride is one of the most exciting sea rides available for friends and families.

Banana Boat Ride is one of the recently well-liked water activities in Dubai. Banana Boat Ride sports is a water activity sitting big inflatable banana yacht cruise Dubai, rocked and pulled by a speedboat. The shape of the boat is just like a banana. Here four players can join at the same time and you can adjust the speed as per your requirement.

Minimum 4 persons required for this activity. You can bring waterproof versions of cameras. Children under age 10 years will not be allowed for this activity due to safety reasons. If you are below 18 years & above 10 years then you can join this adventure. We suggest wearing bathing attire, with a T-shirt or anti-UV top. Do not forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Before starting this tour, you will get a brief training session in which you learn all the basics. Newcomers are always welcome.

If you want to enjoy an entertaining ride, you must go for a Banana Boat Ride Dubai. The concept is similar to a donut boat ride. If you are a water lover and an adventurous, then Banana boat trip Dubai is a wonderful attraction for you.

This is one of the best water activities opt by people during summertime. Professionals for your safety will adjust the speed of the boat. Children advised riding with slow speed compared to adults. Now get ready for a water adventure and book your ride!

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  • 15 minutes ride in Banana Boat
  • Life Jackets
  • Safety instructions by Professionals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Pick up and Drop off
  • Personal Expenses
  • Gratitudes

Tour's Location

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Is there a minimum number of people required for a tour?
Minimum 4 persons required for this activity.
Can I bring along a still camera, video camera or cell phone?
Yes, of course, but we strongly encourage bringing waterproof versions.
Are children permitted?
Children under 10 years will not be allowed for this activity due to safety reasons. Children below 18 years & above 10 years will be allowed for this activity if they are accompanied by their Parents or an Adult.
How should I dress for a tour?
We suggest wearing bathing attire, with a T-shirt or anti-UV top, Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and the sunscreen.
How difficult is it?
Please note that we start every tour with a brief training session in which you learn all the basics. Newcomers are always welcome.


Based on 42 reviews
Very Good
Let The Adventure Begin

Sian Calder


I had the best time of my life

The banana boat ride was surely a heady experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Donna Washington


What a Blast

Hello, I've gone to this area and I hope everyone will visit it
Let The Adventure Begin

Yousef Jadiel


You have to do this

The safety equipment was provided to us and the instructions given by the professional were clear and very helpful.
Let The Adventure Begin

Sahithi Symphani

I really suggest this activity. The kids enjoyed a lot.
Let The Adventure Begin

Irfan Ismail


Riding Banana Boat is a must

Hello, thank you for this valuable information...
Let The Adventure Begin



Best Water Sports in Dubai

Very sophisticated and deserve to reach as many followers as
Let The Adventure Begin

Betty James

Great all round and very professional crew. A must do when in Dubai.
Let The Adventure Begin



Pretty Good Activity

Nice and nice website worth posting and encouraging.
Let The Adventure Begin

Riley Aria

The experience was great from the time we arrived until the end. All was explained clearly and the safety measures are at their top.
Let The Adventure Begin

Emilee Laylah

The very exciting experience we highly recommend this for everyone who visits Dubai. Affordable prices and a lot of fun.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aurora Adithya

The banana boat ride is a fun activity for groups. I would recommend this package.
Let The Adventure Begin

Thomas Lopez


It was absolutely great

Thanks again for this wonderful rides around Dubai. I definitely will recommend this tour to my friends & family.
Let The Adventure Begin

Laura Gracelyn

Me and my friend had such a really good time. Wonderful experience
Let The Adventure Begin

Adam Foster


Best Banana Boat ride ever

I've been to this area many times, and it's really a great place to spend a great time with your family there, I'll never forget it
Let The Adventure Begin

Artem Mikhail

The service and the team were very pleasant and helped us a lot. Will come soon again!!!
Let The Adventure Begin

Ahdhar Abenezer


Great game and great time

It was great and we all had a super fun time helping each other up. Great water sport with good learning.
Let The Adventure Begin

Heidi Maci

Overall it was a nice experience, the staff was really nice.
Let The Adventure Begin

Paisley Caroline


What an unique experience

An amazing experience from beginning to end. I have recommended you to my company and friends.
Let The Adventure Begin

Ruby Mitchell


Banana Boat is AWESOME

Praise be to God, the description is accurate for this place. I lived as if I was in it... I greet you on this website and on the chosen area
Let The Adventure Begin

Natalie Audrey


Beautiful view of Dubai Marina

Great team, very friendly and professional at all times. Great experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Fadhil Faiz


Awesome "must do"

Thank you for this beautiful website.
Let The Adventure Begin

Maria Henderson


Absolute must do

Really a classy site and deserves all the praise.
Let The Adventure Begin

Anahit Mariam


Fantastic experience

It was great value for money, Great informative and entertaining team.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aymar Abhir

Ride a banana was really fun, we were having fun like children. Loved It.
Let The Adventure Begin

Laila Denis

We had so much fun and the view was incredible, really spectacular.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aniaz Cypher


It was perfect experience and was my first time

Everything was perfect and on time and the service was great.
Let The Adventure Begin

Lexi Ariah

I definitely will recommend this tour to my friends & family.
Let The Adventure Begin

Kyrillos Kingjames

Had such a great trip! Workers are amazing, great people good price.
Let The Adventure Begin

Alen Caulder


It was a wonderful experience

I was a bit apprehensive about the banana boat ride, but doing it with family and friends made it enjoyable and at the same time memorable.
Let The Adventure Begin

Jayla Lia

The overall experience was fabulous
Let The Adventure Begin

Lal Michael


What a crazy experience

Amazing experience view was unbelievable, The instructor took many great pictures and supported us so we felt safe at all times. Highly recommended...
Let The Adventure Begin

Fiona Adelyn


So much to do and enjoy

Well worth the visit. Incredibly impressive
Let The Adventure Begin

Azhar Yashira

Enjoying the cool breeze and the water splashes with the banana boat ride was very refreshing.
Let The Adventure Begin

Yoanna Sara

It was an adrenaline-filled experience going for the banana boat ride in Dubai. With the life jackets and qualified guide, the activity was safe and enjoyable.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aister Chanler

The banana boat ride was on a crazy ride that we would love to take, especially in Dubai. It was a ride deeply drenched in an adrenalin rush.
Let The Adventure Begin

Lia Conner


Very impressive

Being atop the banana-shaped boat and towed by a powerful motorboat was an awesome adventure.
Let The Adventure Begin

Reign Elliot

The trip on Banana Boats was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend for any age.
Let The Adventure Begin

Sianz Culver


Fantastic Experience

if someone asks me which one is the most thrilling and entertaining, I would definitely say banana boat ride.
Let The Adventure Begin

Rahil Rakel


The guide was good and the beach was nice

The banana ride was very much exciting ride, Also safe because of lifejackets. Recommended.
Let The Adventure Begin

Srishti Saachi

Great employees, very nice and helpful when it comes to flying.
Let The Adventure Begin

Remy Virginia

Really enjoyed this trip, friendly and professional. Would highly recommend this activity.
Let The Adventure Begin

Rylie Kiara

Friendly people and nice boat. I will come again.
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