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Jet Ski Abu Dhabi

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UAE being surrounded by the Pacific Gulf has some of the best beaches in the world. Hence, it also offers a lot of water activities that would add fun and adventure to your UAE holidays. If you are looking for adventures and activities that would make your holiday super fun, choose our Jet Ski tour in Abu Dhabi.

Starting Time: 10:30 am

Location Address: Mina Port, the backside of Fish Market

Tour Highlight

Ramp up your UAE vacation by touring the region’s perfect aquatic playground! Jet Ski tour is one of the best adventure tours suitable for thrill-seekers.

A power-hour that includes a sightseeing jet ski tour with a flyboarding session, experience the most up-to-date in action sports style whilst discovering the Abu Dhabi’s iconic blue waters as well as cruising up the coastline and passing record-breaking structure before demoing the most recent PWC gadgets.

If you are water adventurous then you must try marine adventure using Jet Ski tour sessions. This is the best choice to experience water activities and excitement. The Jet Ski tours symbolize a dramatic breakthrough in leisure boating experience.

During your holidays in Abu Dhabi, you must hire jet ski tours to explore the city. Discover the city from its blue waters and choose one of the best spots to do sea ride in Abu Dhabi. This is the right time to get your thrills and get ready to feel the adrenaline on the sea waves. We provide a memorable Jet Ski experience with eye-catching views of the complete city. Let’s discover Abu Dhabi from the sea.

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  • Jetski 60 minutes
  • Free pictures and videos of the tour
  • Fresh bottled water during the activity
  • Transportation

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Mina Port


Is jet ski safe?
Jet-skiing is a safe and fun activity.
How old do I have to be to rent a jet ski?
Children under 10 years will not be allowed for this activity
Children between ages 10 to 18 will be considered as an adult and charged the adult rates.
Do I need a license to jet ski?
it’s not required to have any kind of boat license to drive a jet ski.
Do you accept groups?
Of course, we do! Jet-skiing can only be more fun when shared with friends or families.
Do you teach how to drive a jet ski?
Our instructors will help you understand how the jet-ski works and assist you during the whole ride.


Based on 42 reviews
Very Good
Let The Adventure Begin

Martha Gerald

Brandy New jetski and super friendly team. Loved every single minute. Will be back
Let The Adventure Begin

khacheai salim

"It's my dream to go to this incredible place, but I'm poor and I'll work hard to travel to it. beautiful and wonderful place, I wish to visit it as soon as possible . Thank you. And you've earned a loyal follower that will always follow you, because I really love traveling and enjoying .
Let The Adventure Begin

Freda Ortega

The prices are great and the staff are friendly and helpful.
Let The Adventure Begin

Heidi Reese

great services & best price in the town
Let The Adventure Begin

Marie Grace

Great Time at popeye jetski, sweat Time, great jetski and powerful.
Let The Adventure Begin

Reyansh Axl

Overall a truly memorable experience for us all. Great value for money.
Let The Adventure Begin

Mariya Peter

I had a brilliant time with jetski team, great value for money. Great Jetski Experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Emma Wheeler

Had a great day
Let The Adventure Begin

Constance Rogers

Let The Adventure Begin

سعد العبساوي

"I want to travel over 100 places, including this incredible place. . I want to thank you to all the team that is working on this website, a thousand thanks. . I'll be happy to add videos to your YouTube This website is fantastic, fascinating and attractive"
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Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi

What I don't know about this place, and I really desperately needed to know it, you explained it to me, and you confirmed it to me in detail. Thank you.
Let The Adventure Begin

Richard White


Extremely professional

Thank you all, and we wish you well, and give more, and I will always follow you.
Let The Adventure Begin

Sophia William

Great time jetskiing with them it was spot on, thanks a lot.
Let The Adventure Begin

Nasim Nasir

The rate is very fair
Let The Adventure Begin




Your new follower from beloved Saudi Arabia.
Let The Adventure Begin

Elena Cobb


Awesome one

It's my wish to visit this incredible place
Let The Adventure Begin

رائد جلال

"Thanks and a thousand thanks for what you gave us .. I didn't really know about this place a lot of things, and I really needed to know it, you explained it to me, and you confirmed it to me in detail, and you described the place exactly, thank you.. I want to thank the site's owner for designing this attractive site . I'm a travel hobbyist, I've traveled to many places around the world, like Afghanistan, Morocco, Turkey, and I'm really thinking about traveling to new areas, and this site is very good for me, thanks.. Is there anyone who loves traveling like me?
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Let The Adventure Begin

Finny Alex

The view of Abu Dhabi is really amazing. Also, the service was very friendly, Would absolutely recommend.
Let The Adventure Begin

Jerry Simmons


Great fun Jet skis! A must if in Abu Dhabi

I've been to this area for more than once, and I've been to this exact place.... really worth the visit.
Let The Adventure Begin

حلويات فاطمة

"Go on guys, We wish you more giving and success and success. Very beautiful and excellent jet ski rides. awesome ... Awesome...wonderful. . It is my dream . Indeed, these are the sites that we need today,
Let The Adventure Begin

Azalea Collins

I would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anybody. Can highly recommend the tour.
Let The Adventure Begin

Anna Wallace


Fun time

Thank you. And you've earned a loyal follower that will always follow you because I really love traveling and enjoying...
Let The Adventure Begin

Angel Jenkins


Super Fun & Blood Pumping

Once beautiful and wonderful this place I wish to visit it as soon as possible.
Let The Adventure Begin

Leslie Alex

An amazing experience from beginning to end. The staff were lovely and very professional.
Let The Adventure Begin

Michelle Hughes


Perfect spot for jet skiing in Abu Dhabi

I want to thank the site owner for designing this beautiful site, especially since I need him a lot.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aisha Abdel

Highly recommended as the tour was excellent. Altogether amazing experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Joan Harold

Best experience of our Dubai trip, we will definitely Come back.
Let The Adventure Begin

Randal Dixon


Astonishing experience

Really recommend those guys to anyone who wants to give Jetski a Go, it was awesome.
Let The Adventure Begin

Sue Curtis

Staff excellent
Let The Adventure Begin

Julieta Lia


Unique Experience

I must do in Dubai, I had a unique and exciting experience...
Let The Adventure Begin

Saadeth Miguel

Amazing experience recommended for anybody who wants to beat the heat in Abu Dhabi. I will definitely go back.
Let The Adventure Begin

Glenda Miller

it is incredible. I'd recommend to anybody in Abu Dhabi,
Let The Adventure Begin

Abdallah Ali

Amazing experience of Abu Dhabi beach
Let The Adventure Begin


I've been to this spot commonly, and I truly suggest that every single intrigued individuals visit it. I wish you achievement, site proprietors Tomorrow I'm going to this place and proud to read what's on your page. Nice and nice website worth posting and encouraging
Let The Adventure Begin

Bryant Jonah

Overall it was a good gathering and we had fun.
Let The Adventure Begin

Noor Nouha

really a very good team they help us to enjoy as much as we possible.
Let The Adventure Begin

Munir Mustapha

Highly recommendable....
Let The Adventure Begin

Eliot Sian

Really recommend those guys to anyone who wants to give Jet ski, they are awesome. Thank you for a great experience
Let The Adventure Begin

Paula Noa


This was a great and highly recommended experience.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone, This was such an amazing experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Beverly Amber


What a morning loved it

Amazingly nice and powerful. Staff is super nice.
Let The Adventure Begin

Dorris Billy

Extremely happy of the jet ski, and the view was exciting.
Let The Adventure Begin

Edward Dean


Just great with amazing view

The best amazing experience in Abu Dhabi beach. Its a really a very good team they help us to enjoy as much as we are possible.
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