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KidZania Dubai

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Kidzania is the place where kids enhance their social skills while having fun, and encourages teenagers to think and act independently, they are free to select which job to take and how to spend their time. Adults are restricted in certain areas where activities take place, but there is a parent’s lounge where adults can relax while their child is doing the activities.

Operation Time

Saturday to Wednesday: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm Counter Closes @ 9.00 pm

Thursday & Friday: 10.00 am –  12.00 am Counter Closes @ 11.00 pm

Children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult

Tour Highlight

Kidzania is the best place for your kids where they can play and learn together at the same time. This place is popular for a family experience, as you will get here an edutainment platform for your kids. The kids will get here the most exciting way of education. Kidzania provides various role-play activities for kids where they will act like adults. Kidzania covered the area of 7000 square meters where entertainment and education coincide with each other.

Kidzania offers 60 role-playing activities for the kids aged between 4 years to 10 years. These activities are related to real-world activities such as doing jobs, earning capital, grooming and developing numerous life skills that cannot be learned in conformist schools. In Kidzania, you will find the children’s version of a beauty salon, fire stations, radio set up, banking, TV stations, pizzeria, supermarket and much more. The most interesting thing is that your kid will work in them and learn social skills.

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  • Entry passes to the world of Kids
  • Supervisor’s guidance to help your child enjoy the educational city to the fullest.
  • Photo and video services
  • Food and beverages or retail vouchers

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Level 2, The Dubai Mall


What is KidZania?
KidZania is an activity-packed 7,000 square meters scaled replica of a real city where learning and play collide for a day out your children will never forget.
What activities are in KidZania?
Over 40 real-life activities introduce kids to real-world careers in a fun way. We have children’s versions of a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio and TV station, supermarket, pizzeria and more. See all the activities.
Can adults enter KidZania alone?
No, adults must accompany at least one child.
Can adults enter the activity area?
Adults are restricted in certain areas where activities take place, but there is a parent's lounge where adults can relax while their child is doing the activities.
How long can my children stay inside KidZania?
They can stay for as long as they like until closing time.
Can we leave KidZania and re-enter?
Adults can leave and return without paying twice, but re-entry fees will apply for children who leave and come back in a single day. Children below 120 cm can not be left unaccompanied.
What ages are allowed inside?
Everyone from babies to senior citizens can visit KidZania, but most activities are suited to children aged 4-16. Children below 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult.
Is my nanny allowed inside for free?
No, all adults must pay an entrance fee. It’s a little cheaper for senior citizens.
Can we bring food inside to feed our children?
No, but you can buy food and drinks from any of the outlets available inside: McDonald's, Pizza Express, Chopstix, Bubble Bar and Sweet Land.
Are lockers available?
Yes, lockers are available - contact the Information Counter when you arrive.
Can I bring a baby stroller?
Yes, we have a special parking area for baby strollers.
Do you have prayer rooms inside?


Based on 41 reviews
Very Good
Let The Adventure Begin

Max Francis


Great place for children

Exceptionally decent and worth to pursue.
Let The Adventure Begin

Abdul Alim

Great place for kids. Its safe and fun with great service.
Let The Adventure Begin

Almas Aminah

This is a great place for kids to learn and spend time.
Let The Adventure Begin

Fahri Hikmat

This is a good experience for kids they now understand why we need to work.
Let The Adventure Begin

Daisy Kimberly

Really is a great day out for the kids but like all attractions in Dubai great place and must for kids.
Let The Adventure Begin

Ashley Amaya

Loved the concept of kids role playing different professions. Suitable for kids between four and sixteen years of age.
Let The Adventure Begin

Kylie Alexandra



A fantastic experience with kids, perhaps over 6 -7 years.
Let The Adventure Begin

Angel Armstrong


Unique and great fun

Hello there, I'm actually quite experienced in this field of movement, and this is the best travel data site.
Let The Adventure Begin

Remi Teagan


Kids will leave with fun memories

A great place to take your kids at least a few times.
Let The Adventure Begin

Dovydas Kajus


Family fun

The children had a good time. Lovely place for educational entertainment.
Let The Adventure Begin

Valeria Emerson


It is great

The staff are very friendly. Nice place to take your kids.
Let The Adventure Begin

Natalia Raelyn

Overall, it was a really enjoyable day for my birthday girl and I would recommend Kidzania to my friends and family.
Let The Adventure Begin

Bari Halil

Excellent place for kids to learn about the real world while having fun.
Let The Adventure Begin

Athiya Ayman


Great Website

Commendation god, keep it, great men.
Let The Adventure Begin

Jabal Imran

One of the places will create your kid's life memories.
Let The Adventure Begin

Akbar Ali


Paradise for kids

Amazing, extremely cool, and I'll give it ten to ten since it's a decent site, and an extraordinary method to show content. Much obliged to you all for this extraordinary method for displaying data
Let The Adventure Begin

Alim Aman

Take my advice and take your kids to this fascinating venue that will help them to learn a lot of things.
Let The Adventure Begin

Juliana Charlie


Full day activity

What a fantastic concept. It is a very nice theme attraction for kids.
Let The Adventure Begin

Helen Richardson


Nice place upto age of 12

Hello there, a debt of gratitude is in order for this extraordinary site that is continually giving incredible data, about going around this wonderful district that is one of the loveliest around the globe
Let The Adventure Begin

Sara Arabella

It is really an amazing place for the kids to spend a whole day with a variety of activities.
Let The Adventure Begin

Christopher Brooks


An absolute experience for all kids...

Greetings, much obliged for this incredible site that is continually giving extraordinary data, about going around this lovely district that is one of the most excellent around the globe
Let The Adventure Begin

ZIan Morgan

Brilliant idea for children to do grown up activities in their own environment. Wonderful place for learning and adventure.
Let The Adventure Begin

Bailey Andrea


Kids enjoyed amazing

KidZania provides children and their parents a safe, unique, and very realistic educational environment.
Let The Adventure Begin

Katie Gill


Amazing day out

It's a total blast for the kids. It provides a good experience for young people in the future.
Let The Adventure Begin

Mahalati Khair

Amazing experience for the kids teaches them how things work in real life n the value of work in a very unique and creative way.
Let The Adventure Begin

Gleb Georgiy

Perfect place to drop off slightly older kids. They had a wonderful time there.
Let The Adventure Begin

Laura Gray



Recognition god, keep it, great men
Let The Adventure Begin

Fazel Hichem

An amazing experience for both the kids and parents. We spent the whole day here without realizing it and had so much fun with all the activities.
Let The Adventure Begin

Aqeel Ari

Dubai Mall Kidzania is the best place to be with your kids.
Let The Adventure Begin

Lilly Parker


One of the best experiences

Excellent place for kids education and experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Eric Shirley

Very nice place for kids to have fun while learning how daily routine and work of an adult and also earning money.
Let The Adventure Begin

Fatima Anzar


My kids had a fantastic time

Brilliant concept kids love learning new skills,
Let The Adventure Begin

Athena Ximena


The concept is amazing

It was truly a great experience for both of them. Very interesting and good learning for the children
Let The Adventure Begin

Roman Vladimir

Instead of the common activities such as rides and slides, I was looking for a different activity for my kids.
Let The Adventure Begin

Steven Kimberly

Fantastic and inspiring. Great fun combined with a learning experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Huzaifa Lutfi

Fantastic and inspiring. Great fun combined with a learning experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Zehra Ecrin

Amazing place, great fun, a must do while in Dubai. Spending them was also fun.
Let The Adventure Begin

Kayla Alyssa


Kidzania is an enclosed indoor attraction

A very educational experience for children. Quality and well managed.
Let The Adventure Begin

Alina Molly


Kidzania is the best things to happen to kids

It's an attractive and educational place, dealing and services are very good.
Let The Adventure Begin

Anthony Betty

Great fun and learning place for kids. Must do with kids at least once so they to properly grasp the concept of professions.
Let The Adventure Begin

Iris Isabel


Overall a brilliant concept

It is a fantastic venue for children and they can spend as long as they like there.
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