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Louvre Abu Dhabi

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2 Hours

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Daily Tour

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Awe-inspiring architecture of the Louvre Museum leaves you stunned and surprised. You can feel wow just looking at the pictures of the water canal running under, the grand space under the dome and the mystery of light all across the museum.

Duration:2 Hours (Approx)

Starting Time: 10:00 am

Last entry and purchase 30 Minutes prior to the close

Tour Highlights

Make your trip memorable and exciting by visiting the newly launched tour in Abu Dhabi

The iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab World that translates the spirit of openness of cultures. It is one of the foremost cultural institutions located in the heart of the city
There is no doubt; it is the ideal place & recently opened museum comprising more than 600 pieces of historical items, artistic and cultural collection that highlights the diversity of humankind.

Louvre museum is located in Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi. It represents the art-lovers dream of historical, cultural and sociological connotation from the earliest times to the modern era. This is designed by Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel. The Louvre Abu Dhabi encompasses 9,200 sq. m of galleries. Few must see gallery attractions are mentioned below

• Monumental statue with two heads
• Latin translation of the Treatise on Optics
• Astrolabe
• Ramses II Pharaoh of Egypt statue
• Mari-Cha lion
• Salt cellar with Portuguese soldiers and a caravel
• Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow and Black
• Young Emir Studying
• Children Wrestling
• Self-Portrait
• Nautical treatise
• Fountain of Light
• Page page from Quran
• Hilye
• Map of the world
• The Boulevards of Paris

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  • Access to all museum galleries
  • Access to special exhibitions
  • Access to the Children’s Museum
  • Access to public spaces beneath the dome
  • Guide Audio Guide (available at extra cost after entering the museum)
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverages

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Saadiyat Cultural District 1


Is parking available?
A valet parking service is located near the drop-off area.
Is the museum differently-abled friendly?
Yes, absolutely wheelchair assistance for the differently-abled people. The museum also provides cloakrooms and restrooms.
What should I bring with me?
Valid admission ticket at the same date, Valid ID, supporting documents for reduced and complimentary tickets.
The Multi languages is available?
The multimedia guide is available in 7 languages.
Internet accessible available the museum?
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum.
Are there lockers available?
Yes, use the lockers in the main hall to store your item safely.


Based on 45 reviews
Very Good
Let The Adventure Begin

Josh Adham

Great architecture, unimpressive exhibition.
Let The Adventure Begin

Ingrid Azaria

One of the modern architectural marvels of UAE. recommend for people to love art and history.
Let The Adventure Begin



World Class Management

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is one of the most significant modern museums recently built. My visit at the Louvre exceeded my expectations.
Let The Adventure Begin

Saskia Montoya


Wonderful Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Highly recommended, the visit was great, the mosque is wonderful and the museum splendid. I would have liked to have a visit inside the museum to get the most out of the visit.
Let The Adventure Begin

Khia Corrigan


Architecture and view you will love it

An incredible experience. Looking at history in a collection is amazing. Outdoor is beautiful.
Let The Adventure Begin

Abdul Salam


Magnificent Architecture

Beautiful place and atmosphere
Let The Adventure Begin

Alexis Molloy


The Building is a piece of art

Amazing collection, This is one of the highlights in Abu Dhabi. The architecture is great, and the art display is amazing.
Let The Adventure Begin

Clinton Regan


Interesting Visit

A must visit museum, I would highly recommend this trip
Let The Adventure Begin



Enjoyed the visit of the Louvre

The is an absolute must-do when visiting Abu Dhabi. This attraction is excellent for adults and children alike.
Let The Adventure Begin


Highly recommended
Let The Adventure Begin

Safi Saifullah


Beautiful Work of Art

Full visit to the mosque, nice 2-hour approach to the museum, perfect trip…
Let The Adventure Begin

Rehan Maryam

The architecture is splendid and the gallery as well.
Let The Adventure Begin

Abdal Heru


Lovely location, take the tour

Magnificent mosque and superb Louvres museum, eye-catching guaranteed
Let The Adventure Begin

Riaz Rizwan


Brilliant and fabulous displays

Visited the Louvre and was amazed, very impressive architecture.
Let The Adventure Begin

Giana Caspian


It was an amazing experience

it had a very nice view and we got an unbelievable experience.
Let The Adventure Begin

Saleh Salih


Great architecture and some good collection

It’s very nice recommended place to visit, We enjoyed the time we spent at louvre.
Let The Adventure Begin

Nicolle Whiteley


Beautiful Museum

Amazing building & surrounding area. Open & spacious with wonderful pieces of art & sculpture for everyone. Nice cafe/restaurant with outdoor seating. Helpful staff.
Let The Adventure Begin

Tutankhamun Ramey


Inspiring Louvre Museum

One of the best places to visit. do visit this museum.
Let The Adventure Begin

Kelsey Maliya

Beautiful museum with so many famous pieces of art.
Let The Adventure Begin

Siraj Wiggins


Remarkable Location and Building

One of the best place to visit if you come to Abu dhabi. Highly recommend when coming to Abu Dhabi
Let The Adventure Begin

Marcie Christensen


The Louve, Abu Dhabi

Such an INNOVATIVE modern architecture, The architecture and design is outstanding. Incredible place and very interesting.
Let The Adventure Begin

Maarouf Samman


Memorable, friendly and wonderful Tour

This museum was incredible, What a wonderful experience, highly recommended.
Let The Adventure Begin

Ramy Naji


Surprising and Enjoyable

Good insights and Louvre were really good, absolutely satisfied.
Let The Adventure Begin

Ellison Naya


Great architecture, unimpressive exhibition

Lovely museum, breathtaking architecture, nice views of Abu Dhabi.
Let The Adventure Begin

Deborai Reza

Great Place especially for the ones who are interested in art and history.
Let The Adventure Begin

Jana Vada

The overall architecture of the building is impressive, Worth a visit.
Let The Adventure Begin

Abdul Shahid


Great experience and Everything went great

MOST interesting
Let The Adventure Begin

Barry Sparks


Impressive Building

A really lovely and inspiring visit. The construction of the building is interesting and perhaps more interesting than the collections on display.
Let The Adventure Begin

Lain Mira

Lovely place. Lovely architecture and you'll fall in love with the exhibits. Lots to learn from and you can easily spend 2-3 hours.
Let The Adventure Begin

Adbul Qawi


magnificent piece of architecture

great collection LOVE IT
Let The Adventure Begin

Dakari Dahlia


A must-see place

Exception Museum. A must visit if u appreciate art and architecture.
Let The Adventure Begin

Symran Oscar

A world class Museum. With very efficient staff. Highly recommend.
Let The Adventure Begin

Luella Ezra


This is must experience

I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. Fantastic day trip.
Let The Adventure Begin

Anaya Elisa


Wonderfully done

Perfect museum and kind staffs. Very impressive.
Let The Adventure Begin

Dacian Hadley

The place is amazing, but it's not as great as it seems from outside the see very beautiful.
Let The Adventure Begin

Antony Chelsea

The building is breathtaking, with a wonderful mix of sky and water and white story. It alone is worth the visit.
Let The Adventure Begin

Thatcher Amour

It was a beautiful and thrilling experience, will recommend all my family and friends.
Let The Adventure Begin

Kira Willa

Great place to visit if you are in Abu Dhabi. It's a place for art and history together.
Let The Adventure Begin

Dani Kenley

Had an amazing experience from start to end, It was really nice and enjoyed it.
Let The Adventure Begin

Saiqa Nishad

Lovely architecture and you'll fall in love with the exhibits. Lots to learn from and you can easily spend 2-3 hours without even noticing.
Let The Adventure Begin

Dalia Cael


Excellent Exhibits and Unique Architecture

The architecture of the roof is the most interesting feature. Worth a visit. Magnificent structure.
Let The Adventure Begin

Adrienne Kaiya


Great experience with amazing views

The place is amazing, but it's not as great as it seems from outside.
Let The Adventure Begin

Keith Michelle

Everything we had expected it to be, with friendly staff on hand to support throughout.
Let The Adventure Begin

Scout Micah

Nice architecture of the museum. Ancient paintings and sculptures. Last part of the museum is really nice.
Let The Adventure Begin

Harie Finley

Definitely worth a visit while nothing Lovely museum, breathtaking architecture, nice views of Abu Dhabi.
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