Riding a hot air balloon ride in Dubai is necessary to do activity for all those who are visiting this stunning city. It is always in most of the tourist’s bucket list. For an adventure experience of a lifetime, fly away with your loved one for a memorable hot-air balloon ride. 

If you want to experience first ray of the sun, and captivating views of the endless desert, then you must go for a hot air balloon rides. As this hot-air balloon glides over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation, which is one of the best places for any celebrations, you will see a variety of native animals such as the gazelle, oryx, and camels lounging around, which is an amazing sight to see in Dubai.

Are you ready to float over the Dubai Desert approx 4000ft higher from the ground? Balloon adventure is a unique activity nowadays and you will observe the world’s first in-flight falcon show and pass through the desert museum using vintage Land Rovers. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast buffet that will serve in an authentic desert setting in a Royal desert retreat. All hot air balloon baskets are equipped with professional cameras so that you can capture all your memories for years.

Hot air balloon rides in Dubai provide fantastic views of the city and desert. Dubai is a superb country with an abundance of sights to observe, but not possible to see all these sites at once, unless you go on hot air balloon rides in Dubai. Dubai hot air balloon rides allow you to fly with the clouds as well as soar many miles into the sky.

Now experience Hot Air Balloon Adventures & Rides in Dubai with family, friends & loved ones. This is one of the best things to do in Dubai, UAE. Book it today!