One of the most popular tourist activities of Dubai is the Famous Desert Safari. As we know, the trip to Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari, accompanied with a camel ride experience.

Dubai is frequently seen as an urban space, but going on a camel ride in Dubai totally changes that insight. As you drive into the desert, the city gives way to a magnificent landscape – an outrageously different change of scenery!

Camel riding is a popular activity that is not only restricted to adults, even kids of all ages can ride these magnificent beasts, and will find it fascinating to be so high off the ground! During the camel ride you might be able to see some rare wildlife like Arabian oryxes and gazelle species.

Get pleasure from Camel Riding in the desert of Dubai and discover the desert by this amazing ride. This tour will give you the opportunity to explore the Dubai desert on the back of a camel and relax in the desert camp. This is a wonderful ride to take pleasure in the peaceful and quiet desert and run away from the very demanding metropolis.

You can also enjoy desert tours with complimentary attractions including belly dancing, Henna Tattoos, refreshment, Sheesha & camel ride, and BBQ dinner. This tour usually starts in the morning around 8 am and a minimum of 4 pax is required for this Tour activity.

You can also experience the thrill of dune bashing in the Desert, and feel panoramic desert views on a relaxing camel ride. Dive deeper into your desert adventure and try your hand at sandboarding.