Dubai, is filled with exciting destinations, but seeing the beauty of the city by boat is one of the most fascinating ways. Boat sailing tour offers you the scenic views of Fujairah Hills, mountains, rocks and access to various other ordinary attractions. Before buying Fujairah sailing boat tours, you can choose from several deals and packages as per your requirement.

To make a sailing adventure pleasurable you need to do it right. On a sunny day, clear sky, after hoisting the sails, just wait for the wind to pick up, now go on and smile to yourself as you watch yourself sail efficiently across the water. At this moment, you can sit on top of the deck to take pleasure in the passing scenery.

If you are a boating lover, go for a sailing tour & play with the wind. Feel the wind in your sails, spot the sun on your face and your boat floating across the water, now you can feel relaxed and excited viewing the watery waves moving with you. Sailing is one form of boating that is unparalleled.

You will experience unimaginable environmental, historic visits, educational bonanzas, arts and philosophy. A sailing boat tour is a great way to explore everything that UAE exceptional heritage has to offer.