Dubai Fountain Walk Bridge is an astounding famous attraction and a great spot to splash out. The Dubai Fountain is located very next to Burj Khalifa and just outside of the Dubai Mall.

You can hire the unique 30-minute Abra ride that will give you the eventual chance to enjoy one of Downtown Dubai’s masterpiece attractions, the Dubai Fountain.

 The Fountain Bridge also called the Boardwalk, the floating walkway close to the jets & away from the main crowds. You can choose a time slot and enjoy the amazing views in the city, watching the fountains closely as they dance with the music & lights.

You will see the performance by the world’s biggest choreographed fountain system from a diminutive boat on the lake. Observe the crowds all around you, as you will feel a unique standpoint of leaping fountains, 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors from the water.

Dubai Fountain Walk Bridge offers you the beautiful memories to last a lifetime from one of the city’s most trendy attractions. Enjoy your meals along with Burj Lake view as well as feel the adventure of a high-speed ride.

You will also watch the Fountain Show from the Fountain Bridge on the Lake. So it is advised to book tickets in advance for the evening Fountain Show. Enjoy the greatest close-up view possible of the dancing fountain and have a look at a clear view without having to jostle with other crowds

The Dubai Fountain is an enormously trendy attraction, and getting the best spot for the show can be very complicated. This ticket gives you access to the Dubai Fountain Bridge or the Boardwalk. Get a chance to see a closer view of dancing musical fountains. The Boardwalk is a brand-new floating platform, allows you to get closer than ever, giving you a completely new standpoint of the captivating performances.