The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The amazing city of Abu Dhabi ranks as one of the best cities in the UAE. It is the prominent capital of UAE and neighbors to the busiest cities in the world- Dubai. Abu Dhabi is very famous for its elegant charm and calm pace. You will see several top attractions here. An outstanding choice for first-time visitors, Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre museum offers a great overview of Abu Dhabi city. Louvre museum is located in Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi. It represents the art-lovers dream of historical, cultural and sociological connotation from earliest times to the modern era.

You can spend a full day touring some of the remarkable sites in Abu Dhabi – the capital city of the UAE and the first and largest of its kind in the world, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum. The iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab World that translates the spirit of openness of cultures. It is one of the foremost cultural institutions located in the heart of the city.

There is no doubt; it is the ideal place & recently opened museum comprising more than 600 pieces of historical items, artistic and cultural collection that highlight the diversity of humankind.

You must visit all the cultural heritage and modern attractions of Abu Dhabi. The combination of different civilizations in the same spaces, the Louvre Abu Dhabi illustrates similarity and connections from the shared human experience going beyond geography, nationality, and history.

You can access the museum by boat or finding a pontoon to reach it by foot from the shore. This is a much awaited and unique collections, here you can also try tempting bookstores, or taste local teas, coffees and delicacies.