Are you ready to zip around the Palm Jumeirah by speedboat on a thrilling cruise ride from Dubai? The Palm opening up all its beauty, showing off striking views and panoramas and that is by far not everything. The Palm is not just an iconic structure but also an 8th World Wonder. The Palm Jumeirah Cruise offers the stunning sights of the Palm on a luxury sightseeing tour.

Do you want to discover Dubai’s iconic manmade island? Dubai is recognized for its high skyline and that is not the only achievement of engineering to impound the world’s thoughts. Construct from domestic land in a chain of synthetic archipelagos, Palm Jumeirah’s shape is like a palm tree when viewed from the above. You can take pleasure in the stunning sights of The Palm Jumeirah and the access is very easy with the help of Palm Monorail.

Sailing around Palm Jumeirah in a cruise is a trendy option, on the other hand, you can also admire the boats from Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, while thrill-seekers can also acquire to the skies with Skydive Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah Sightseeing Cruise offers you exclusive access to the inner circle of Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy the smooth music and discover stunning and unforgettable views of Palm Jumeirah.

Experience an energizing hour-long cruise around Palm Jumeirah. It will be an astonishing ride on a cruise promising a great piece of developmental knowledge. Overcome your stress with the calming sound of the rhythmic waves.