Al Ain, also known as the city of gardens. Al Ain boasts the UAE’s most enchanting and luxuriant landscapes, being home to a string of well-manicured lush green gardens, peaceful parks and wide boulevards. The Al Ain City  is the best choice to explore a historical treasure of the UAE. This is also an excellent destination for tourists interested in local culture.

Al Ain is a beautiful place that includes the tallest mountain in UAE, Jebel Hafeet. The height of the Jabel Hafeer is 1240 meters from sea level. From Jebel Hafeet, you will get an aerial view of the Emirates, and some parts of Oman also. Visit the Al Ain Museum located inside Al Jahili Fort and Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum. You will also visit the livestock market and discover the wealth of culture to be found in this formerly vital desert trading Centre includes a bazaar that dates back to the 18th century. You can also discover a date palm orchard with the ancient ‘falaj’ – irrigation system. You must visit the Hajar Mountains to discover a green oasis in the desert landscape. See streets overflowing with palm trees, as well as historic monuments. The Al Ain Oasis village is a great place to enjoy the day and the Camel Market offers a good glimpse of the traditional trading skills.

Find out more about the best places to visit with our list of the top attractions in Al Ain –

1. Jebel Hafeet

2. Al Ain Zoo

3. Al-Jahili Fort

4. Al Ain Oasis

5. Wadi Adventure Park

6. Al Ain National Museum

7. Al Ain Palace Museum

8. Qasr al Muwaiji

9. Hili Archaeological Park

10. Public Gardens

11. Camel Market

12. Hili Fun City

13. Camel Racing

14. Mubazzarah Park