dhow cruise

You might be wondering exactly Dhow Cruises are. Historically, dhows have belonged to the fishing fleet of the Arabian Peninsula, and they have been on the water for a very long time. Dhows are traditional wooden boats which were used for trade in the past. Now they are renovated and become luxurious leisure boats.

Due to the fact that container ships convey most of the world’s ocean cargo these days, dhows are now used in tourism to give ordinary people a chance to experience sailing in the open ocean under the moon and stars..

Those who wish to see the least explored and known side of Dubai should consider going to the Creek. Throughout the city’s eventful history, it has been a natural waterway. In the past, Pearl diving and fishing at Creek provided most of its income.

You can cross the Creek with an Abra for just 1 AED. People cross the Creek on these traditional water taxis. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a luxurious option, take a Dhow cruise. Tourism in Dubai is highly popular because of this activity.

There are several different and unique Dubai Dhow Cruises to choose from – Creek Dhow Cruises, Marina Dhow Cruises, Dubai Canal Cruises, Yacht Cruises, Dubai Sightseeing Cruises, and Dinner Cruises.

The views offered by these options are all absolutely beautiful. Choosing your ideal destination solely depends on your tastes, preferences and kind of experience you wish to pursue.

When you choose Creek, it is more about the history and simple aspect of Dubai. But Marina and Canal Cruise in Jaddaf Waterfront is the venue to feel the festive mood and city lifestyle that is entirely different from Creek.

Pickup and drop off services will be offered to keep your comfort in mind. Transport can be arranged at your request at any location, including your cruise ship terminal,  hotel lobby or airport.

What to expect in a Dhow Cruise tour

As the city’s economic backbone, Dubai Creek holds great historical importance. The creek runs parallel to Deira and Bur Dubai, which are famous for their souks such as Heritage Village, Spice Souk, and Gold Souk. During a cruise through the Creek, tourists can discover Dubai’s past and learn about its traditions. You will also realize this part of Dubai doesn’t revolve around glamour, but simplicity.

dhow cruise

A typical Creek Dhow Cruise experience

You can take a vital break from your daily routine by sailing a dhow.

A dhow cruise offers sightseeing tours around Marina Creek during the day. However, as the sun sets, the focus shifts to luxurious dinners. Aside from the enticing sites, there is delicious food as well as artistic performances to indulge in. The magnificent skyline of Dubai’s night sky is certain to be a highlight of your trip.

Following are the three main benefits of choosing a Dhow cruise in Dubai.


The Dhow cruise Creek will cover the Old Dubai, including Bur Dubai and Deira. Some of the earliest skyscrapers in Dubai, such as the Dubai National Bank and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, can be seen on the tour. Another major attraction in Creek is the Rolex Twin Towers. Abras are seen passing by with both residents and tourists.  


After traversing the Creek and admiring Dubai’s humble beginnings, entertainment shows will begin to unfold. An essential part of a Dhow’s entertainment is the Tanoura dance. Many tourists particularly make a special trip to see this magical performance on a Dhow. 

It is a dance that is performed by a male in a colorful skirt called the tanoura. Various tricks performed with his props will keep him spinning continuously. In spite of how long the dancer is spinning, he never feels dizzy. Also, boats are equipped with music so you won’t get bored even for a second.

5-star dinner buffet

Dining on a Dhow is unmatched by any expensive hotel in Dubai. The dinner buffet on these boats features international dishes. You can savor every mouthful as the boat travels through some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. The dining experience is enhanced by live entertainment shows.

There are many ways to experience the Dhow Cruise. From the most basic cruises to tickets that include 2-4 hours of sightseeing activities, hotel transfers, live entertainment, and dinner, these carefully curated Dhow Cruise tickets will make sure you get the most out of your trip.

A dinner like this enjoyed with a date would make this tour even more memorable! It’s one of the best nightlife attractions in Dubai, so make sure you book a Dubai cruise dinner before flying home.