Fly Fish Ride is the most thrilling and spectacular one. During the Fly Fish ride, you will feel like riding a horse over the water. This is very interesting water activity. The Fly Fish jumps over the seawater and depending on the wind, you can look forward to several seconds of airtime.

Fly-fishing is an adventurous ride. Everyone can join this except children less than 10 years are not allowed for this activity due to safety reasons. Children below 18 years & above 10 years can easily join this activity if their parents or an adult accompanies them.

A fly fish is an inflatable raft, just shaped like the alphabet ‘E’ and contains safe side pontoons, in addition, a large main hover. Depending on its size, it can seat two to five people at the same time.

On a thrilling fly fish ride, which is pulled by a wave runner, you will enjoy astonishing and exhilarating moments as you fly so high, move sidelong, shake your body during this water activity. Few important points you keep to keep in mind before going for fly fishing such as carry your passport and emirates id. You must also carry your clothes, towels and swimming costumes.

No doubts, you will have unblemished fun throughout the entire ride, screaming, laughing and frenetically holding to remain on top. This is a wonderful ride to enjoy the beautiful views of the water. If you want to enjoy exceptional water fun in Dubai or wish to practice a more enlivening version of a banana boat ride, then book Fly Fish tour Dubai and experience thrilling water rides