Dubai is one of the world’s fastest expanding cities and is a bustling metropolitan. It is always overflowing with life and teeming with activity and you just cannot manage to sleep in this city of life.

Vision Helicopter Tour Dubai is a great opportunity to enjoy Dubai city view from the air. Our selections of considerately designed aerial tours shaped to ensure an unforgettable experience for all tourists to Dubai.

Vision Helicopter Tour will offer you a panoramic view of The Palm and Atlantis Hotel and you will also get a bright chance to have a closer view of the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands and the coastline of Jumeirah as well as the astounding look of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Experience a magnificent outlook of Old Dubai including Dubai Creek, the Heritage Village and the historical wind towers and Dubai mosques. As we know viewing Dubai’s skyscrapers from below is a common thing, but if you see it from the air, the skyline will really represent the different unique shapes.

Few important points always keep in mind before going for a helicopter ride, you must arrive half-hour prior to flight time and wear light clothing. You should carry your passport as well as Emirates ID for verification purposes. For kids, only children of above 16 kgs are allowed onboard the aircraft. You can also carry your camera lens that should be less than 400 mm but selfie sticks and tablets are not allowed on the flight.

The Vision helicopter tour is a 22 minutes ride and an affordable way to fly and see the city’s architecture from the top. Take in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai beach, the World islands, and Burj Khalifa, and admire aerial views of the tower-lined coast. Explore the city of vision and experience an exhilarating helicopter flight.